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The Green Glove

Published 1952
Topics Suspense, Mystery

Glen Ford plays Michael Blake a WWII veteran who retuns to France to find a mysterious Green Glove he had discoverd during the early days of Normandy invasion.

Run time 88 min
Producer Georges Maurer, Detmar Walter
Production Company Benagoss Productions
Audio/Visual sound, Black and White


Reviewer: deylight - - November 21, 2014
Subject: go for green glove
charming, suspenseful,entertaining. watch it. peace
Reviewer: Iliotib - - January 20, 2012
Subject: the green glove...noir?
i thought this was an interesting take on film noir. during this era, anything with a foreign accent involved was probably considered noir. i kept hoping Chris would be the femme fatale and when she wasn't, my rating for the film dropped a star.
Reviewer: Steven Brier - - January 17, 2012
Subject: Predicatable and hokey
Good scenery and photography.
Reviewer: Oksanna - - October 22, 2011
Subject: Entertaining viewing!
Nice twists with some unexpected resolutions. Solid plot structure helps make this film work. Putting the end at the start of the film worked. There was suspense knowing just a bit but not everything. And then there were the hijinks of the 'Smiths'. Also, the interesting and rugged scenery is made to earn its place in the film. Tight story, well-acted, make for entertaining viewing and an all-round 'keeper'.
Reviewer: PurpleTurtle - - August 28, 2011
Subject: The Green Glove
Two men climb trecherous mountains and cross a river wearing suits and a hat! The hat stays on.
Reviewer: porterville - - August 29, 2010
Subject: Excellent Glenn Ford Movie
This is an entertaining movie with Glenn Ford in fine form. The supporting cast is of a high calibre. The story line moves along nicely. A movie well worth seeing.
Reviewer: Ed Jr - - January 4, 2010
Subject: Glenn Ford fan
Another oldie I missed. Just great. What a cast, nothing like it today.
Reviewer: keygrip - - August 18, 2009
Subject: Not up to Glenn's standard
This is a very low key and disappointing effort from the usually reliable Glenn Ford, lacking in thrills and suspense. Very Much a poor man's Maltese Falcon
Reviewer: packyman - - February 10, 2009
Subject: cheap...
...and predictable, but not 'bad' per se.
Reviewer: girlishfun - - October 28, 2008
Subject: Good Show!
Thanks for post! Love it!
Reviewer: bobsluckycat - - September 4, 2005
Subject: French-American thriller
I saw the recent reviews section today, and had to check it out, I do streaming only and this was a fast ride. This an excellant little picture, which I saw one afternoon 50 plus years ago in the theatre. Since I have the benefit of a Catholic education, I seem to remember we were out of school due to it being a "holy day of obligation", so of course a bunch of us took in a matinee. No TV yet down in the mountains. Glenn Ford and George MacReady just superb. I thought that Glynis Johns was the love interest, but was surprised to see that it was Geraldine Brooks instead. Sir Cedric Hardwicke also fine in a small but pivotal role as the parrish priest. A lot of travelogue film, which screams for color, that captures the flavor of France. it's nice mystery and chase filled with intrigue and a satisfying conclusion. For Glenn Ford fans a must see film. For everybody else a good rainy afternoons' viewing.
Reviewer: John-boy - - September 4, 2005
Subject: Should be called the "Green Artifacts"
The MPEG1 version has so many green square compression artifacts that continually flash on and off (at least on my system) as to render the copy almost unwatchable. Otherwise, a fine movie. Always liked Glen Ford. Good plot and nicely acted.
Reviewer: obieone - - September 1, 2005
Subject: Wow!
This is a real thriller. Glenn Ford is at his best and the photography by Claud Renior is fantastic. This print is a little on the dark side, but still the countryside of France comes through well. Sir Cedric Hardwick is the villian in this peice and does a great job. Well worth the time to download.
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